Is ARIIX a legitimate company?


ARIIX is a network marketing company that has patent compensation plan, first of all lets get you educated on network marketing, it is companies that rely on its distributors to market their products with payable commission for the efforts. It allows the average person to join and leverage the company’s infrastructure and products to become an entrepreneur with minimal overhead expenses.

Network marketing is growing at a rapid rate and its annual revenue now exceeds McDonalds and other big time companies of the world. It also pays its network distributors at much higher percentage than a regular company paying its salary workers.

With ARIIX you get to market the great products but you also get an opportunity to build a real business and earn commission on other people’s efforts. Because there is compensation plan in place that make sure you are getting compensated for growing your network of distributors because if it wasn’t for you the network wouldn’t have been there to generate the X amount of revenue that your group made. So in order to give you incentives to grow your network ARIIX has a pretty generous compensation, you earn 15% on your income pay line and you can add infinite amount once you optimize each pay line.
This means you can scale your business to whatever size suits you by continually adding pay lines that give you 15% commission. So your work is to build influence around your local market and on the internet to recruit similar like minded people that are interested in living a life of more possibilities and growing into an entrepreneur because when you have a team of similar like minded individuals and they begin contributing at a high level, you got a upward spiral of people that will continue to generate more and more income for you.

So is it possible to succeed with ARIIX and is it a legit business? Yes ARIIX is definitely a legit MLM business and there is nothing inherently wrong with MLM if proper rules are in place and people are selling them with ethics. The problem begins when there is a lot of hype built around MLM as this magical ticket to financial freedom and wealth.

MLM is not a get rich quick scheme that allows you to amass wealth effortlessly, a lot of time & effort goes into building MLM and it is definitely not easy for most people because you have to learn how to become an effective marketer and this is a skill that must be developed and its not always taught by these MLM companies even though the word itself Multi-level Marketing suggests that you must become a pro marketer. Sure your adviser or promoter will teach you to go make a warm contact list of friends, family & neighbors but this warm contact list is not enough to grow a business to the highest level.

What you need is to begin dominating whatever market you are in, you either compete and struggle or you dominate and stay far ahead of the competition.

MLM companies are getting big now days, it seems to be the most effective way to push a product into the market place. When people are creating a million dollar business out of it from what started as very little overhead costs, it gives people the hope and vision that anyone can become wealthy.

One such company that will be hitting a new landmark of billion dollar mark is AdvoCare this is a mlm company with big time sponsors and big athletes like Drew Brees promoting its health products. Like Ariis, AdvoCare compensation plan has big time potential for building a big team underneath you.

One AdvoCare review site I really like is these guys: