ARIIX Elite wow enrollment pack

First you get puritii water filter, which comes with plastic bottle and two filtration system. The next thing you get is Moa which is a patent recipe by ARIIX combining essential nutrients from all over the world that gives people remarkable nutrient & energy boost, its the mix of great ingredients from all over the world and its getting fantastic results and benefits from all of the markets.

The next component is Bio-pro Q helps the heart and feeds the energy system of cell, they also have stuff for your bones and the Optimals and rejuven X which takes care of your mineral content and energy. The two things most americans are deficient in. Omega Q gives brain and heart support which is fish oil.

So as you can see ARIIX has many products that begins to feed essential vitamins and nutrients for optimal health. There is something there for everything and most humans

Rick Billings goes over ARIIX compensation plan in his videos on youtube and I think he does a great job at explaining about this company I guess he’s been in the business since day 1.

He joined in 2006 and he joined because network marketing allows you to earn residual income and leveraged income.

What is leveraged income? That is money you can earn on the efforts of others, which is why network marketing is so lucrative to most people because as you build your network your team members efforts start making you money.

One of the richest men in the world said “I rather earth 1% of the efforst from 100 people than 100% of my own efforts”

Wealthy people understand this concept and thats how they got that way. Linear income goes up marginally you trade your time in for hours, but residual income continues to grow at exponential rate and it has no ceilling. It continues to grow on and on.

Robert G Allen says his favorite source of income is network marketing, ARIIX is a network marketing company a form of MLM with patent compensation plan with products that increase health and wellness for the people and it allows you to learn to become a leader of driven individuals that are passionate about network marketing. If you roll up your sleeves and get to work it can eventually replace your current 9 to 5 job and take you ahead in life and have you reach your goals one day.

The good thing about ARIIX is that you do some searches online and it doesn’t seem too saturated with competition just yet. So you could potentially make a really strong web presence that gets a lot of sign ups. So if you know how to create a strong blog you could potentially do a lot of damage with it.

Review blog that talks about ARIIX and their compensation plan, it could get lots of readers and you could really begin to dominate the google search result with relevant keywords for people looking for ARIIX MLM business opportunity.

I am not against MLM, I think there’s some companies out there that hype their opportunity too much but for the most part, most MLM companies are good companies that simply rely on their consumers to promote their products, some give up to 40% commission and plenty of leadership bonuses that allows you to get compensated for building a nice team under you.

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