ARIIX is it a scam, pyramid scheme, or can you succeed with it?


ARIIX is a mlm company that claims to have a unique compensation plan that needed to patent. They claim that you purchase what is known as BOS that is different from traditional MLM because you actually purchase your top position of your particular down line and then you have to earn 150 points for a “Income Position”

Why do they use point? Because ARIIX is in many different countries so they came up with standardized currency system.

From Income Position each line or distributor you refer in, each of their sale makes you 15% and ARIIX claims there is no limit to how wide or deep you can make the organization. They also have a patent on one other system of compensation plan called Auto Balancing, every pay cycle which in is 4 weeks in ARIIX, each cycle requires you to make 75 points to be commission eligible.

All ARIIX products you sell to retail customers or preferred customers are auto-balanced which is a mathematical formula that they came up with to optimize or maximize the commission you get from each retail sale that you make and your down line makes. This is a new philosophy and different from some other MLM’s out there that have some loop hole to prevent the seller from getting the maximum commission for the sale.

Any particular payline pays you maximum of $2,000 at which point you are considered optimized, when you generate 13,334 points and multiply by .15 you get $2,000. So when you get to this optimized state, you gain one additional power line and another Christmas present which is a second income position that can be placed anywhere down your powerline, you can almost look at it like opening a new location.

You could essentially get paid twice in the same powerline with two income position which makes the auto balancing system work twice for you. So the key will be to get to the optimized state as quickly as possible and what’s great is that there’s no limits to how far and deep you can go with this.

Let’s go over their bonuses, the 2X membership doubles all these bonuses so again it is critical to get the 2X membership, the first bonus we are going to go over is ASAP, which stands for Accelerated Sales and Profits bonus, This is the bonus for packs you sell to end consumers. The amount of money you make per pack you sell is determined by the size of the pack. The larger the pack the larger the bonus which provides an incentive for you to up sell packs and kits and gets you that fat commission real quickly.

The next bonus is team lead bonus, is designed to get the new comers of ARIIX paid with commission check as soon as possible. Statistics show that people are 80% more likely to stay if they get a commission with the first 20 to 30 days. And they are 95% likely to pay for second month if they make enough in commission in what they consumed in products. So the goal of the Team Lead bonus is to get the end user more than enough in commission so that it completely covers the cost for products they are going to consume for the new month.

When you sponsor 4 people in the first 8 weeks you become gold status which makes you eligible to all kinds of bonuses for life, if you do not get gold you can still get silver status down the road but its not as good as the gold, so it is highly recommended people get to the gold status when they join and they are serious about ARIIX.

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