How to succeed in ASEA, Kate McShea’s MLM Lead Generation Secrets Decomposed


Is ASEA legitimate company? How can you succeed in ASEA?

Is ASEA a scam?

Kate McShea has a nice video out there on youtube about Passive Marketing & Active prospecting, for MLM lead generation and she talks about two different modes of network marketing.

Passive Marketing: So this is things like Facebook, Video Marketing, Paid Per Click Advertising & More. This is the more passive approach of not really targeting specific people but basically telling the world about what you do and in hopes that someone interested will take notice. This is the most popular approach of Network Marketing because you do not get rejected with this approach, you do not have to actively seek out and do a pitch to people that may reject you.

Active Prospecting: This is reaching out to actual people out there in the world, and searching them out. This includes things like cold calling people, reaching out to people on facebook, you are actively messaging or talking to people out there in the world whom you’ve never met or spoken to before. There is more fear surrounding this approach because the risk for rejection & failure is greater. This actually requires you to become like-able to strangers and build rapport. It also takes more skill to accomplish and you will not always get the nod from people, it takes the most guts but the rewards are far greater and faster with this approach no matter how you spin it.

So what is the key to success in ASEA MLM company? Well let me just say ASEA is a legitimate company and it is possible to fire your boss, quit your 9 to 5 job and work from home marketing some great products by ASEA and increase health & wellness of others around you.
But how come people fail?

Because at the end of the day if it was easy everybody will be doing it. Well what stops most people? Yea you guess it, its Fear that stops most people, in order to succeed in these MLM companies you have to go actively prospecting, which is outside the comfort level of most people.

Prospecting for new business is the lifeline of a business, you must continually prospect and follow up to get new business for your business to survive. The speed at which you get new business is how your business will stay alive. You need to continue to acquire business and make sure you will continue to get the business by building your pipeline and continually prospecting.

This means continuing to face rejections and other seems that is not always comfortable for most people and this is what stops most people from running their own business and being their own boss.

And you must go through many prospects and face tons of rejection and that is just too much most people to handle. I did find another way to kill your 9 to 5 and run a really cool laptop business and that is explained in this blog:

Instead of prospecting friends and family its a business about helping local business by building lead generation website for them its pretty cool so go check it out.

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