Is ARIIX a legitimate company?


ARIIX is a network marketing company that has patent compensation plan, first of all lets get you educated on network marketing, it is companies that rely on its distributors to market their products with payable commission for the efforts. It allows the average person to join and leverage the company’s infrastructure and products to become an entrepreneur with minimal overhead expenses.

Network marketing is growing at a rapid rate and its annual revenue now exceeds McDonalds and other big time companies of the world. It also pays its network distributors at much higher percentage than a regular company paying its salary workers.

With ARIIX you get to market the great products but you also get an opportunity to build a real business and earn commission on other people’s efforts. Because there is compensation plan in place that make sure you are getting compensated for growing your network of distributors because if it wasn’t for you the network wouldn’t have been there to generate the X amount of revenue that your group made. So in order to give you incentives to grow your network ARIIX has a pretty generous compensation, you earn 15% on your income pay line and you can add infinite amount once you optimize each pay line.
This means you can scale your business to whatever size suits you by continually adding pay lines that give you 15% commission. So your work is to build influence around your local market and on the internet to recruit similar like minded people that are interested in living a life of more possibilities and growing into an entrepreneur because when you have a team of similar like minded individuals and they begin contributing at a high level, you got a upward spiral of people that will continue to generate more and more income for you.

So is it possible to succeed with ARIIX and is it a legit business? Yes ARIIX is definitely a legit MLM business and there is nothing inherently wrong with MLM if proper rules are in place and people are selling them with ethics. The problem begins when there is a lot of hype built around MLM as this magical ticket to financial freedom and wealth.

MLM is not a get rich quick scheme that allows you to amass wealth effortlessly, a lot of time & effort goes into building MLM and it is definitely not easy for most people because you have to learn how to become an effective marketer and this is a skill that must be developed and its not always taught by these MLM companies even though the word itself Multi-level Marketing suggests that you must become a pro marketer. Sure your adviser or promoter will teach you to go make a warm contact list of friends, family & neighbors but this warm contact list is not enough to grow a business to the highest level.

What you need is to begin dominating whatever market you are in, you either compete and struggle or you dominate and stay far ahead of the competition.

MLM companies are getting big now days, it seems to be the most effective way to push a product into the market place. When people are creating a million dollar business out of it from what started as very little overhead costs, it gives people the hope and vision that anyone can become wealthy.

One such company that will be hitting a new landmark of billion dollar mark is AdvoCare this is a mlm company with big time sponsors and big athletes like Drew Brees promoting its health products. Like Ariis, AdvoCare compensation plan has big time potential for building a big team underneath you.

One AdvoCare review site I really like is these guys:

ARIIX Elite wow enrollment pack

First you get puritii water filter, which comes with plastic bottle and two filtration system. The next thing you get is Moa which is a patent recipe by ARIIX combining essential nutrients from all over the world that gives people remarkable nutrient & energy boost, its the mix of great ingredients from all over the world and its getting fantastic results and benefits from all of the markets.

The next component is Bio-pro Q helps the heart and feeds the energy system of cell, they also have stuff for your bones and the Optimals and rejuven X which takes care of your mineral content and energy. The two things most americans are deficient in. Omega Q gives brain and heart support which is fish oil.

So as you can see ARIIX has many products that begins to feed essential vitamins and nutrients for optimal health. There is something there for everything and most humans

Rick Billings goes over ARIIX compensation plan in his videos on youtube and I think he does a great job at explaining about this company I guess he’s been in the business since day 1.

He joined in 2006 and he joined because network marketing allows you to earn residual income and leveraged income.

What is leveraged income? That is money you can earn on the efforts of others, which is why network marketing is so lucrative to most people because as you build your network your team members efforts start making you money.

One of the richest men in the world said “I rather earth 1% of the efforst from 100 people than 100% of my own efforts”

Wealthy people understand this concept and thats how they got that way. Linear income goes up marginally you trade your time in for hours, but residual income continues to grow at exponential rate and it has no ceilling. It continues to grow on and on.

Robert G Allen says his favorite source of income is network marketing, ARIIX is a network marketing company a form of MLM with patent compensation plan with products that increase health and wellness for the people and it allows you to learn to become a leader of driven individuals that are passionate about network marketing. If you roll up your sleeves and get to work it can eventually replace your current 9 to 5 job and take you ahead in life and have you reach your goals one day.

The good thing about ARIIX is that you do some searches online and it doesn’t seem too saturated with competition just yet. So you could potentially make a really strong web presence that gets a lot of sign ups. So if you know how to create a strong blog you could potentially do a lot of damage with it.

Review blog that talks about ARIIX and their compensation plan, it could get lots of readers and you could really begin to dominate the google search result with relevant keywords for people looking for ARIIX MLM business opportunity.

I am not against MLM, I think there’s some companies out there that hype their opportunity too much but for the most part, most MLM companies are good companies that simply rely on their consumers to promote their products, some give up to 40% commission and plenty of leadership bonuses that allows you to get compensated for building a nice team under you.

ARIIX is it a scam, pyramid scheme, or can you succeed with it?


ARIIX is a mlm company that claims to have a unique compensation plan that needed to patent. They claim that you purchase what is known as BOS that is different from traditional MLM because you actually purchase your top position of your particular down line and then you have to earn 150 points for a “Income Position”

Why do they use point? Because ARIIX is in many different countries so they came up with standardized currency system.

From Income Position each line or distributor you refer in, each of their sale makes you 15% and ARIIX claims there is no limit to how wide or deep you can make the organization. They also have a patent on one other system of compensation plan called Auto Balancing, every pay cycle which in is 4 weeks in ARIIX, each cycle requires you to make 75 points to be commission eligible.

All ARIIX products you sell to retail customers or preferred customers are auto-balanced which is a mathematical formula that they came up with to optimize or maximize the commission you get from each retail sale that you make and your down line makes. This is a new philosophy and different from some other MLM’s out there that have some loop hole to prevent the seller from getting the maximum commission for the sale.

Any particular payline pays you maximum of $2,000 at which point you are considered optimized, when you generate 13,334 points and multiply by .15 you get $2,000. So when you get to this optimized state, you gain one additional power line and another Christmas present which is a second income position that can be placed anywhere down your powerline, you can almost look at it like opening a new location.

You could essentially get paid twice in the same powerline with two income position which makes the auto balancing system work twice for you. So the key will be to get to the optimized state as quickly as possible and what’s great is that there’s no limits to how far and deep you can go with this.

Let’s go over their bonuses, the 2X membership doubles all these bonuses so again it is critical to get the 2X membership, the first bonus we are going to go over is ASAP, which stands for Accelerated Sales and Profits bonus, This is the bonus for packs you sell to end consumers. The amount of money you make per pack you sell is determined by the size of the pack. The larger the pack the larger the bonus which provides an incentive for you to up sell packs and kits and gets you that fat commission real quickly.

The next bonus is team lead bonus, is designed to get the new comers of ARIIX paid with commission check as soon as possible. Statistics show that people are 80% more likely to stay if they get a commission with the first 20 to 30 days. And they are 95% likely to pay for second month if they make enough in commission in what they consumed in products. So the goal of the Team Lead bonus is to get the end user more than enough in commission so that it completely covers the cost for products they are going to consume for the new month.

When you sponsor 4 people in the first 8 weeks you become gold status which makes you eligible to all kinds of bonuses for life, if you do not get gold you can still get silver status down the road but its not as good as the gold, so it is highly recommended people get to the gold status when they join and they are serious about ARIIX.

How to succeed in ASEA, Kate McShea’s MLM Lead Generation Secrets Decomposed


Is ASEA legitimate company? How can you succeed in ASEA?

Is ASEA a scam?

Kate McShea has a nice video out there on youtube about Passive Marketing & Active prospecting, for MLM lead generation and she talks about two different modes of network marketing.

Passive Marketing: So this is things like Facebook, Video Marketing, Paid Per Click Advertising & More. This is the more passive approach of not really targeting specific people but basically telling the world about what you do and in hopes that someone interested will take notice. This is the most popular approach of Network Marketing because you do not get rejected with this approach, you do not have to actively seek out and do a pitch to people that may reject you.

Active Prospecting: This is reaching out to actual people out there in the world, and searching them out. This includes things like cold calling people, reaching out to people on facebook, you are actively messaging or talking to people out there in the world whom you’ve never met or spoken to before. There is more fear surrounding this approach because the risk for rejection & failure is greater. This actually requires you to become like-able to strangers and build rapport. It also takes more skill to accomplish and you will not always get the nod from people, it takes the most guts but the rewards are far greater and faster with this approach no matter how you spin it.

So what is the key to success in ASEA MLM company? Well let me just say ASEA is a legitimate company and it is possible to fire your boss, quit your 9 to 5 job and work from home marketing some great products by ASEA and increase health & wellness of others around you.
But how come people fail?

Because at the end of the day if it was easy everybody will be doing it. Well what stops most people? Yea you guess it, its Fear that stops most people, in order to succeed in these MLM companies you have to go actively prospecting, which is outside the comfort level of most people.

Prospecting for new business is the lifeline of a business, you must continually prospect and follow up to get new business for your business to survive. The speed at which you get new business is how your business will stay alive. You need to continue to acquire business and make sure you will continue to get the business by building your pipeline and continually prospecting.

This means continuing to face rejections and other seems that is not always comfortable for most people and this is what stops most people from running their own business and being their own boss.

And you must go through many prospects and face tons of rejection and that is just too much most people to handle. I did find another way to kill your 9 to 5 and run a really cool laptop business and that is explained in this blog:

Instead of prospecting friends and family its a business about helping local business by building lead generation website for them its pretty cool so go check it out.